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Sizing, cropping, color adjustments, manipulation, and compositing. Product Photography and art direction.


Photo editing can range from color adjustments, and cropping for social to cleaning up some dust on a product or taming some fly-away hairs, but often involves major compositing such as removing people, signs, cars, awkwardly placed items, changing fabric/material, or even swapping out whole clothing items. Often the wineries I work with choose to have me update the new labels in an existing bottle shot rather than take all new photos. 


  • Color-corrected overall lighting for Autumn release.

  • Removed the distracting pattern on the jacket to make the fabric appear all black while maintaining realistic lighting and texture.

  • Helped with art direction.

  • Color-corrected to be slightly warmer.

  • The original image had the best facial expression but the shoe was out of focus - I composited in shoe/partial leg from another image taken during the same shoot.


  • Removed the woman on the left and the woman in the blue pantsuit, replacing her with the woman in the rainbow dress.

  • Changed heal color for in-stock style.

  • Adjusted color/lighting outside the window to give the appearance photo was taken in the Winter. 

  • Replaced shoes with another style that was in stock.

  • This was done by adjusting the color of the tan shoes to black, reshaping the sides, adding a suede texture to replace the patent leather, and then compositing in the crystal straps using photos taken in the office of the new shoe. 

PhotoEdit_Color Correct1.png
  • Manipulated colors to match new products. 


  • I took both the photo of the woman at the computer and the woman in front of the fireplace to use on the computer screen. 

  • Composited the faux Zoom video and made it appear as though the bottle had been opened.

  • Corrected lighting.

  • Removed the second chef in the background of this photo.

  • Replaced 2017 label with the newly updated label, matched lighting and curve to look natural on bottle.


Duckhorn_Christmas_2023-1047-Edit_De-Villiers copy_edited.jpg
  • Flipped image and removed Decoy bottle replaced with Calera bottle.

  • Corrected shadow from transluscent rosé bottle for opaque red wine bottle. 

Calera_Central_Coast_Beach copy.jpg
  • Replaced with new vintage labels. 

Duckhorn_Wine_LIfestyle-00174-Edit_Nonapkin copy.jpg
  • Carefully removed napkin behind bottles and transluscent wine glass. 


  • Assisted in directing photoshoot of new products (table, chair, bookcase).

  • The shoot was done on a budget and under an incredibly tight deadline. We ended up making the walls out of foam-core, and the floor out of roll-up vinyl. 

  • Changed the floor color so it contrasted more with the product colors.

  • Cleaned up the walls and shadows to make the scene look more believable. 

  • Added paintings to try to make the scene look more like a "real" room.

  • Composited in a different clock.

  • Cleaned phone screen and added reflection. 

  • Adjusted lighting and cleaned/replaced sceen on the phone.

  • Cleaned up the product (robot clock), adjusted lighting, removed backgound. 

  • Took the original clock face file and composited in to remove reflection and improve readability.