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Landing Page, Email, social posts, print, signage, motion graphics, photo editing


Vionic is a California based shoe company that is known for unparalleled comfort and support. 

As a member of the design team, I designed landing pages, emails, social/web graphics, (static and animated), print pieces including show room signage and provided extensive photo editing.

In late 2022 we began the process of creating a new look and feel for the brand, with wellness at the core. We sought to move in a clean, fresh direction, with new photography helping dictate the design. It was a true team effort, I helped especially with photo editing, web layout decisions, font decisions and teaching my design team and the development team how to use Adobe XD to implement responsive web updates. 



We decided we wanted a subtle update to the fonts, sticking to a clean sans serif, for both title and body copy choices. We wanted to go lighter, slightly more delicate, but easily legible. And Tenor Sans had the perfect sophisticated personality to grab attention.  



Instead of using strict brand colors, we decided to move in a more holistic direction, letting the photography and environment help dictate our colors moving forward. 



We stepped out of the studio and focused on outdoor lighting, warm, natural tones and dynamic movement. 



Simple, clean, with an emphasis on balance. Those are the driving forces behind our new direction for print design.



The goal was to look less like something you’d see in a doctor’s office, while emphasizing movement.  .



The big word for our website overhaul was responsive. Bold images, tighter copy, and a more minimalist approach overall. We wanted to remove the cluttered, sale-graphic style modules that often lacked cohesion throughout the page, give it some air to breathe and use text over images sparingly. A critical role for me was to pivot from our traditional pipeline using Adobe Photoshop over to Adobe XD, this increased the speed and ease at which the design team and the web team could move forward with updates.   .

2022 work

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