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Client: Kosta Browne

Project: Staff Tshirt Design

Services: An illustration of an evil yet approachable demon, El Diablo - referring to the El Diablo Vineyard, with other imagery referring to the difficulties of harvest 2020. 


Client: Kosta Browne

Project: Illustrations for social media

Services: Drawings of Kosta Browne bottles and antique wine keys for social media and marketing campiagns. 


Client: Pendulux

Project: Email graphics

Services: Scrambling to handle the shift when the pandemic hit, we started in late March 2020 with a lighthearted email campaign, featuring illustrations of our mascot "Karl the Robot" promoting our sale. 

Client: Leviathan

Project: Sea Monster Terror 

Services: While working for Terroir, we had the opportunity to create a really nifty marketing campaign for our brands (Leviathan). Unfortunately, the company disbanded before we had a chance to implement it, but my favorite piece from the campaign was this mock vintage newspaper featuring some ink sketches of mine and hand drawn logo for faux newspaper "The Adelaide Observer". 


Client: Trinity Hill

Project: Vineyard Map

Services: I got to draw a map! Very fun project, I designed a map showing Trinity Hill's vineyards to be used in a number of sales and marketing material. 


Client: Me!

Project: Citrus Series

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